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Invoice without a business, we change your work into pay.

We will meet your invoicing needs as a light entrepreneur with friendliness . Ninjou is Japanese meaning human emotion and relations. Our business principle is to manage your financial transactions in a way we would handle the finances of our friends and family. You do the work you know the best and get paid as you should, we take care of the billing and paperwork.

Ninjou, the hassle-free online invoicing service for light entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Billing and Salary

The word ”ease” describes our service. You get the entrepreneur’s freedom as a light entrepreneur without the heavy administration that goes with establishing your own company. We save your repeated billings while saving you from some unnecessary repetitions of admin work. Invoicing made simple!

Our service charge is 3,9% and includes all the paperwork that the billing and payroll statutory require. If you feel that your invoicing requires a smaller percentage, don’t hesitate to discuss with our customer service. No hidden costs from salary certificates or other paperwork, all costs are included in our service fee. You will only pay the service fee when we pay your salary.

Also ask about fixed monthly pricing plan – the service fee is a maximum of 89 euros per month and it is not recurring – you will only pay the fee when the salary is calculated.

For example: with the fixed monthly pricing plan you will only pay a 1,78% service fee from billing of 3500 euros per month.  You only pay the service fee when we pay you salary, so this this is not a flat fee! For more information, contact our customer service via chat or mailing at laskutus@ninjou.fi.

With Ninjou’s Salary Calculator you can determine the correct amount to invoice and see how much you would get paid after tax deductions and side costs.

  • All the paperwork.
  • Fast salary payments.
  • No hidden fees.
  • You can also ask for a fixed price deal starting at 1,78% per month (non-recurring)! customer service.


Ninjou Oy has you covered by insurance for most types of jobs. However, there are some jobs which require government oversight and are not covered by Ninjou’s insurances. More precisely, the excluded fields include some of the nursing and security sectors.

Accident and liability insurances are valid automatically.

You can choose whether to get your YEL insurance through us or you can choose it from the free market. Check the current limits and regulations regarding YEL insurance from the Finnish Centre of Pensions.

*YEL insurance only when you need it AND if you choose to take it through us.

With Ninjou you get:

Liability insurance.

Accident insurance.

YEL insurance.*

Debt Collecting

When needed, we can also handle the collection of due invoice amounts from your customers. We only do this case by case and on your separate request. We always carry out any debt collection tasks with the aim of maintaining good relations between all parties involved.

Ninjou will help you to succeed.
Ninjou will help you to succeed.

Ninjou helps you succeed.


Service Charge

Ninjou service fee is 3,9% from the non-VAT invoice amount. The fee is 100% tax-deductable. Also ask about the benefits for “high-rollers” – the service fee is a maximum of 89 euros per month! For example: from billing of 3500 euros per month, you will only pay a 1,97% service fee, that is 69 euros per month.  You only pay the service fee when we pay you salary, so this this is not a flat fee! For more information, contact our customer service via chat or mailing at laskutus@ninjou.fi.

Extra Charges

Additional invoicing charge is only applicable on printed invoices sent via post, when the invoice amount is less than 100 euros. All invoices sent as e-invoices or via e-mail are free of charge, starting from the minimum invoice amount of 10 euros up.

Salary Advance

Service charge for salary advances is 7,5%. Salary advance can be granted against invoicing made to companies. We do not pay salary advances on invoices sent to private persons. Maximum amount of salary advance is normally 2000 euros. Read our article on how the Advance Salary works.

Ninjou will help you to succeed.

How it works

It is best to register first and familiarise yourself with the system as soon as possible. It is non-binding and FREE!
You agree the work you will be doing directly with the client and mention that you will use Ninjou for billing. You can check with our salary calculator how much you will be getting as pay to help you determine the correct price for your work.
You carry out the work as per agreement.
You create any invoice through the Ninjou service. For repetitive billings, you can save templates or you can copy old invoices as a base for new ones.
Ninjou will pay your salary directly into your account once the customer has paid the invoice. If necessary, may negotiate pre-payments with Ninjou. Find out more about our pre-payment system by contacting our customer service.

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Register as a user of our service and you can start invoicing straightaway.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Our service fee is 3,9% of total invoice. You can also negotiate the amount of the service fee with us if you feel that your annual total billing requires this. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. Also ask about the benefits for “high-rollers” – the service fee is maximum of 89 euros a month. For example: from billing of 3500 euros per month, you will only pay a 1,78% service fee.  You only pay the service fee when we pay you salary, so this this is not a flat fee! For more information, contact our customer service via chat or mailing at laskutus@ninjou.fi.

Ninjou offers you the possibility of salary advance when you are billing a company. Our service charge is 7,5% on advances up to 2000 euros. Advances of over 2000 euros are granted on a case-by-case basis. All advance payments are affected by the payment history of the customer company and their credit information. If your client is an individual, salary advance is not possible. Your personal credit history does not affect the granting of salary advances. Ninjou reserves the right to deny payments of salary advance if the paying company’s economical status weakens. Find out more about our advance salary best practices.

When you work with Ninjou, you are eligible for YEL Insurance which gives a level of pension to choose from. We can take out insurance for you or you can take it independently from an insurance company of your choice. We will advice you on how to get the best out of entrepreneurs’ social security services.

Ninjou cannot comment on your individual case. In general, the billing service users are often considered as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship affects KELA support if you are considered to be completely self-employed. Those who work under 18 hours per week as an entrepreneur are often considered as part-time entrepreneurs, which means that part of the unemployment benefits could be obtained.

However, employment officials make the final decisions for individual cases. Always check directly with them, if your situation is unsure.

Ninjou needs your tax card, if we are to pay salary to you. We primarily receive the tax cards via the users’ own pages.

Preferred format for the tax card is PDF file from the Finnish tax administration or a good quality cropped image of the printed version of your tax card. You can also order a copy to be sent to us directly from the tax officials website, www.vero.fi. The vero.fi service is free.

The postal address for sending in your tax card is Ninjou Oy, Lehtissaarentie 11, 40900 Säynätsalo.

You can compensate work-related costs, travel tickets and overnight (hotel) stays with Ninjou.

Costs that are clearly related to the profession and cannot be considered as normal living can reduce the cost of billing easily. You can take a picture of the receipt and send it to us via your own pages, just like you would send a bill.

Receipts from accommodation and travel tickets are completely tax-free even if included and not separated in the invoice. Travel expenses that are included in the billing can be paid without withholding the tax when paying with the salary, but are reported to the tax administration as taxable earnings. This means that when the tax proposal arrives in the spring, one can apply for these expenses as tax-free.

You can also bill the kilometre reimbursements and daily allowances from the customer by specifying them on the invoice so they can be paid totally tax-free and do not have to be tax-exempted in the tax proposal.

Invoices are sent out on weekdays between 9 AM and 4 PM.

When you decide, we will send a note of the bill to the customer. Ultimately, we can together use more robust ways to complete the billing process.

Our minimum amount for invoicing is 10 euros.

For security reasons, we do not accept cash billing.

Yes, I can. When making an invoice, ask us for help via chat or by sending mail to laskutus@ninjou.fi .

Companies in the EU are covered by Ninjou’s sales invoicing. So you can sell a product or a service to EU countries through us. You can make product or service purchases for your business around the world.

No later than the next business day following the arrival of the invoice. Often the money is in your account the same day that the bill arrives. Please read our article about the most common reasons and solutions for postponed payments.

You will receive update e-mails on all your billings and financial transactions. You will always know what is going on and you can get help from us.

Our customer service is available via:

  • Chat at www.ninjou.fi
  • SMS +358 45 679 08 09
  • e-mail to laskutus@ninjou.fi
  • call us at +358 45 679 08 09
  • Opening hours from 9 AM to 4 PM (EET) Monday to Friday.

You will automatically receive an accident insurance and we will also pay your mandatory health insurance fee when paying the salary. We also provide you with a liability insurance.

In addition, you may want to take YEL insurance, which will supplement your unemployment and health insurance coverage. YEL insurance is mandatory if one’s taxable income exceeds the current YEL limit. You can find the latest information on the Finnish Centre for Pensions website.

Ninjou does not charge extra for sending invoices via mail when the invoice amount is 100 euros or more. If the invoice amount is less than 100 euros and it needs to be sent via regular mail, 2 euros for postage will be charged. Sending invoices via e-mail and e-invoicing are always free with Ninjou.

You must first register as a user, and after that you can login here.

Please note that you can change the language on the login and registration pages from Finnish to English (and vice versa) next to our logo on the top-left-corner.

Our website is open 24/7 including our billing services. We are happy to serve you in person

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 Call or text us at 045 679 08 09 or send an e-mail, WhatsApp message or approach us in Facebook.

Yes we do. The Whistleblower reporting channel provides Ninjou Oy’s employees, customers, service providers and stakeholders with the opportunity to report concerns or suspected misconduct related to Ninjou or its customers. Notifications are made completely anonymously.

Report HERE.

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